Mg Mg Lwin reveals to work hard to earn victory

Mg Mg Lwin reveals to work hard to earn victory

Myanmar National Team and Yangon United midfielder Mg Mg Lwin reveal to work hard together to knock down Hantharwady United.

Lions will play against Hantharwady United at 3:30 pm at Thuwunna Stadium on August 26th.

Mg Mg Lwin scored a goal and created assist to his teammates in the recent match against Magwe, “We could beat Magwe with 6-0 in our first match after a long rest. And it was beyond my pleasure that I could assist my teammates and score a goal. So I keep my performance for the upcoming games”.

“Hantharwady is now with a good form. But we have learned how to take down their strong points and how we can manage to win over their weakness”, he added.

Yangon United earns 17 points from 8 plays, 5 wins, 2 draws, 1 lose placing at third place while Hantharwady United leads the table with 21 points from 8 plays, 7 wins, 1 lose.

He continued, “We will keep our fighting spirit till the end of the season to hold the Champions title. And I want to thanks all the fans who are supporting through Livestream on TV Channel”.