Interview : Yangon Assistance Coach U Myo Min Tun

Interview : Yangon Assistance Coach U Myo Min Tun

He is someone, who included as a key player since the Yangon United team was established and also the first historical leader of the team. Currently, he is assistance coach of the Yangon United. Actually, he is a unforgettable icon of the Yangon United.

The images of Yangon player Myo Min Tun are being enlivened in the memory of fans. The second leg games of Myanmar National League 2015 will be restart on coming July 17. In second leg, Yangon team is to play with Hantharwaddy United and the pitch, to play for this game is Thuwanna Youth training Centre.

So to say factually, it will happen on July 17, 4.00 pm.
The first leg encounter of them was at the artificial turf of YUFC, and the Lion seized three points, with 1-0 victory. It is inclusive interview with U Myo Min Tun, about how they had prepared for this second leg, and what they expect out of this game. We would like to reveal some interesting opinion of him for the fan of YUFC.

Q; Ko Myo Min Tun, auspiciousness to you. The first question, I would like to shoot, is about something recently. It made the fans seriously feel hardship. What was happened during the game with the GFA team?

Ans; Yes, also same to you. I feel sadness to say about, what happened to us during the game with GFA. During the meeting before the game, our Head Coach said that opponent is opponent. No matter from which league they are, you need to play with best form. We believe that the players do their best playing. Every player did what they could do. They squeezed all of their efforts. But we lost. When we got a victory, it was proper outcome of teamwork. So when we face failure, it is nonsense to blame someone for this. Football is round. You see. I knew the fans also feel bad mood seriously. But it was all finished. Nothing can be undone. We are seeking next victories, by preparing to get our peak playing form.

Q: And what about playing with Hantharwaddy, in this week?

Ans: I had seen the clash between KBZ and Hantharwady as they had played in the Aung San Shield competition. I like their individual skill and team work. And their playing form is solid. During first leg game, we found it so hard to beat them. Now, I think that we need to do our best.

Q: The Hantharwady didn’t see a winning game in the league. But they promoted next level in play-off. And Zeyarshwemyay and Zwekapin teams had done a lot of preparation for second leg games. So what is your opinion about this?

Ans: One thing I can say surely is that the teams will find it hard in the second leg. Call for them to be better. They will see to get three points become more difficult. So to say, there were certain teams, which lost their regular form in the first leg. But I think it will be temporary. They will soon get regular playing form and moving toward the track. There are brilliant players in the several teams.

Q: There are sayings among the football fans. The opponent teams don’t play with entire playing power, when they encounter with the other else teams but the Yangon team. They target to win the Yangon aggressively. Do you agree it Myo Min Tun.

Ans: It is natural for player to get victories, when they compete. They want victories, especially the victory, which is seized by defeating the big teams. When you can defeat the champion in a game, your whole team members feel very happy as if you were champion. I was once a player. We want to win the certain team, which is more and more better squad. It can’t be the identical feeling between the winning big team and winning an ordinary team. So, it can be that they more want to defeat the Yangon United.

Q: Now, there are a lot of Myanmar National team players, even though they are variety in age limitation, in the YUFC. So, some people ask that why don’t your team use Than Paing, who is from Myanmar U-20 team, as a first lineup player?

Ans: I really wanted to say about this, now, there are a lot of selection player in the YUFC. They are variety in ages, and also senior players are included. Most of them had been National team players. They also have not only local match’s experience but also abroad experience. So getting one place in the first lineup is so much competitive. All Yangon Players are seeking their best performance. If you don’t put absolute effort today, you are already on the bench. Among our coaches, it is a big headache how to made first lineup player list for a week after week. Majority of players is trying their best and so, we had to wait and see their experience, their combination ability and vision of game that they project within a moment. And we also see their performance in training ground. I would like to say the youth players that we carefully watch and choose them. I would like to urge that the youth players need to try more and don’t be hesitate and reluctant as they are playing in front of seniors. But they had to show due respect to senior players. I expect that they fully understood that.

Q: This is last question. What would you like to say the fans, who are expecting so much the game with the Hantharwady?

Ans: Khin Maung Lwin and Kyi Lin will be on the bench when the game with Hantharwady. Some players got injuries. But, we will play our best form. We knew how much our fans support to us. Let alone home pitch, even they come along with us to away stadium. We want them to be happy. We want their cheerfulness. That’s not only attitude of me but all of us. I promise that we will reveal our peak playing power.